What is a Digital street team?

My digital street team is a group of die-hard, loyal Davis Absolute fans who love new music, merchandise, and exclusives. Being a part of the campus street team means that you get brand new music first, and get a chance to support me (Davis Absolute and my new collective The Found) in a real, tangible way to help me reach a larger audience. 

What do I get by joining?

Being a part of our digital street team means you will get a LOT of cool and unique stuff and opportunities such as;

•  Exclusive, brand new & unreleased new music

•  Brand new album/project announcements

•  Entry into exclusive & brand new merchandise raffles

•  A signed copy of my latest CD (Absolutes) mailed to you at no cost!

•  And more!

What do I need to do if i join?

If you become a part of our campus street team, there are only a few things that I would need from you;

•  Sign-up for the mailing list using the form below

•  Confirm your email subscription

•  Receive your signed copy of Absolutes!

•  Support releases sent via email through the mailing list

•  Open up and support at least 3 out of 5 of the last releases: Supporting includes sharing on available social media platforms using the assigned hashtags and links provided in the email

•  Continue to be a die-hard fan and rock with me!


Joining is simple! The first step is signing up using my contact form below. Once we receive your information, you will be added to our exclusive Digital Street Team mailing list and you will receive a confirmation email. After your receive the confirmation email you are all set! I will start sending over the stuff that you can support and your signed copies of Absolutes!

So, are you in for the cause! If so, sign-up below!

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